Elevate Your Space With the Luxury Flooring Trends in Calabasas


Your home reflects your lifestyle and the choice of flooring defines the aesthetic appeal of your home. In the picturesque city of Calabasas, interior design trends continue to evolve. The floor remodeling company in Calabasas has witnessed a sudden increase in luxury options.

With this in mind, let us explore the finest luxury flooring trends in Calabasas that are set to evolve your house into a dreamland. The trends that transform your home into an exquisite space that reflects both sophistication and functionality.


Hardwood Elegance

Imagine entering a house and you see the luxurious hardwood flooring. Undoubtedly, hardwood flooring continues to be a timeless choice that brings elegance to your home. This trend highlights the lighter wood tones, like ash and white oak, bringing a contemporary and airy feel to the living spaces. Wide planks and unique wood patterns are other fine and popular choices that add character and individuality to each room. A floor remodeling contractor Calabasas can help bring this warmth and quality, creating a seamless blend with the city’s natural surroundings.


Porcelain Tiles Mimicking Natural Stone

Porcelain tiles mimic the look of natural stone and enhance the aesthetics of your house. These tiles are gaining popularity around the world because they offer the elegance of marble or travertine without the maintenance challenges. Floor remodeling services in Calabasas can help you have these tiles that feel luxurious and are also strong and easy to keep clean. This way, your whole home can have a fancy and put-together look, and everything fits well from one room to another.

Luxury Vinyl Planks for Practical Opulence [LVT]

This modern flooring option comes with the look of natural wood or stone, depriving of the high maintenance and cost associated with traditional material. The USP of luxury vinyl tile is its versatility. Its design options include various colors and patterns making your floor perfectly suit your personality and complement your lifestyle. These waterproof and low-maintenance tile options are ideal for the homes in Calabasas.


Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are made with the amalgamation of marble chips or epoxy resin giving a beautiful and speckled effect. These iconic tiles are making a strong comeback in recent times and show no signs of slowing down. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant, or subtle and neutral tones, the wide range of designs, colors, and patterns in terrazzo tiles allow you to find the perfect aesthetic for your home. Along with their visual appeal, these tiles are highly durable. Fabricated from natural materials, these tiles can resist heavy foot traffic without any sign of wear and tear. Add this flooring pattern to your home to bring sophistication and elegance to any space!


Environmentally Conscious Choices

Calabasas is a city where people care about the environment, and they like choices that are good for it. More and more, people are picking materials that are good for the Earth, like bamboo and reclaimed wood. These choices help make the environment healthier and match with the city’s goal of living responsibly. Since being eco-friendly is important, floor remodeling company Calabasas has new and smart options that are good for the environment.


Incorporating Texture for Sensory Appeal

Texture is taking the limelight in flooring trends, giving sensory dimensions to the living space. Homeowners want options that not only look fancy but also feel great to walk on. From hardwood floors that are made to look a bit rough to tiles with interesting textures, this trendy choice makes rooms look more interesting and creates an experience that goes beyond just how things look. In a city where people care about good taste, having textured floors has become a popular choice for those who notice and appreciate the small but nice things in how homes are designed.


Rustic Look

The vintage rustic look is a timeless trend that will capture the hearts of people who visit your home. This luxury flooring trend adds depth to any space with its warm and inviting characteristics. You can expect this trend to enhance the beauty of the wood look even further. From hand-scrapped finishes to brushed texture, the meticulously crafted details will create a floor that radiates elegance. Whether you want to give a reclaimed barn wood look or a distressed oak plant touch, the rustic wood look brings a sight of authenticity and ethereal nature.


Final Thoughts

Elevating your living space with luxury flooring can be challenging. However, you can turn your house into an elegant home with a harmonious blend of sophistication, functionality, and individual style. It could be the classic and timeless look of hardwood, the mix of practical and fancy with luxury vinyl, or the choices that are good for the environment, showing you care about sustainability. In Calabasas, the trends in flooring are made to fit lots of different styles and what people like.

Moreover, it is still important to choose the right flooring installation company that considers your lifestyle, preferences, and the specific needs of each room when making your decision. At Edry Construction, we provide accurate pricing that is affordable and on budget. We focus on quality and professionalism to ensure that you love your new floors that can bring an entirely new look to your home. We offer different types of flooring including; laminate, vinyl, and much more. With us, gift your home the elegant look it deserves. Happy Flooring!