Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a More Spacious Feel

One of the smallest areas in the house can be your bathroom which can become a bothersome issue. The major reason is the design and structure during the construction which results in allotting less space for this part. Though being the smallest area of the entire home, it constitutes a major portion of the home repair expenses list. Leaky toilets, clogged drains, and dripping faucets demand costly repairs for a perfect bathroom.
However, making the most out of the space-restricted bathroom is a tough challenge. Only experts from bathroom remodeling services Los Angeles companies can carve the best out of the smaller bathrooms. If you’re unaware of how to plan your space to make the most of space-restricted bathrooms, here are some of the remodeling ideas that can create magic to make your bathroom look spacious and clutter-free
Stay away from dark colors:
It is better to keep a distance from dark and contrasting colors. They give an illusion of a cave. Keep the paint light and choose a monochromatic color theme which is ideal for bathrooms. Some of the color variants you can consider are light blue or frosty blue, sea green, white, and butter yellow. These colors reflect light to proffer a spacious look. The most common color used for bathroom remodeling and to create a spacious look is grey. Soft grey walls are trendy. Stop strong and contrasting color combinations. Also, it is important to match the color of your floor tile with the wall. In both cases, lighter shades work.
Accessories are your colorful friends
Adding colors to the bathroom is a tricky affair especially when space is an issue. Light color wall paint can help make it look larger but keeping the walls dim light doesn’t justice to your favorite colors. Bathroom remodeling Los Angeles companies advise you to add the color of your choice by picking the right accessories. To enliven your bathroom, you can choose dark-colored towels with colorful soap dispensers. These accessories will enrich your bathroom with colors and complement the contrasts. A patterned rug can provide floor texture and color. Swap out your linens and accessories to give your bathroom a completely new appearance.
Create High Ceiling Illusion:
If you think creating a visually elevated bathroom ceiling is difficult, you’re wrong. It is always better to use thinner crown molding painted to match the ceiling rather than wide crown molding. The dark color molding will overwhelm the entire ceiling looks and makes it look closer. Also, you can upgrade the lights. Replace any hanging light bulb fixtures and choose fixed lighting for a more aesthetically pleasing space. Through an innovative mixture of molding and lights, you can easily create a visual appeal of your ceiling looking higher than reality.

Play with Reflections:
The ultimate vision of the bathroom remodeling is to make a small space look larger. You can experiment with lights that work wonderfully. However, when these lights reflect through mirrors, they create an illusion to make spaces look wider than before. Your bathroom will appear larger if the lights are bouncing around. For such experimentation, use a large-size reflective mirror that covers most space on the wall.
Choose the biggest mirror that will fit whenever you have the chance to hang a mirror on the wall. You’ll have the impression that the space is larger than it is. Bathroom remodeling services Los Angeles will provide your bathrooms with the correct amount of gloss it needs to look bigger.
Pocket Doors will help:
Traditional doors take up much space while opening and closing. It is best to install pocket doors that slide inside the wall leaving enough floor space. Also, a pocket door is discrete and retracts into the wall to maximize the space in a small bathroom. This type of door is specially used where space is the issue. Also, installing a pocket door with a frosted privacy glass panel as part of a master bathroom renovation would help visibly enlarge the space.
Keep an eye on the storage:
There never seems to be enough room to stuff toiletries or accessories in a small space. Keep exactly what you need. Start reducing the number of stuff that isn’t needed like extra towels, toilet cleaning supplies, tissue boxes, or extra toilet paper. It will occupy a lot of space and make your counter space look messy. You will have limited space so selecting a bespoke countertop and its placement with connection to the wall should be done innovatively to create more space. When you hire Bathroom remodeling Los Angeles experts, they know the tactics of setting countertops that result in enough space for the bathroom to look large.
Choosing a countertop and creating storage solutions that fit your specific bathroom isn’t as tough as it may seem. When you hire Bathroom remodeling Los Angeles experts, they know the tactics of setting countertops that result in enough space for the bathroom to look large. They visit your premises, collect proper measurements, and assist you in choosing countertops and cabinets. You can select other fixtures like shower, flooring type, and accessories during the consultation that match your taste and budget.
Give Your Bathroom a Glassy Touch
While textured glass shower doors provide some seclusion, transparent glass shower doors make the shower feel like an extension. Consider replacing a tub with a standing shower if your remodeling plans permit, and choose a shower with glass sidewalls in addition to a clear glass door. Since bathtubs occupy enough space, they will proffer a messy and clumsy look in a small space. On the other end, glass doors are classy and give a sophisticated look.
Are you stuck with bathroom remodeling ideas? To be clueless is not the solution. Even small bathrooms can have a spacious and classy look. It is all about how innovatively you use the current space and resources to make it look bigger than before. Consult a bathroom remodeling Los Angeles company and they will guide the best way to remodel your small bathroom for a spacious look.